Pivot – Featured Buzzword



To change from the original direction or idea.

“OK, it’s time to PIVOT now that we’ve explored all of the possibilities around the direct mail marketing campaign.”

New Buzzwords Additions – 01/27/14

Check out these new additions to the corporate buzzword glossary!


1. Ask (the Ask) – a term used to refer to the details of a request.

 “I know we’ve begun to execute against the project goals but we need to keep THE ASK in mind to ensure we are addressing that.”

2. Care for (Cared for) – to address or accomplish a predefined initiative or objective.

“Have we CARED FOR Doug’s updated project requirements or is that still outstanding?”

3. Four-blocker – usually a one-page summary document that is sectioned off to create four quadrants. Four-blockers are commonly used to provide a high-level summary addressed in four different aspects.

“We created a FOUR-BLOCKER that outlines all of the work we’ve done to date. The customers’ responses are in the upper-left portion of the document.”

Top Buzzwords of October 2013

Sorry I am a little late in posting this but here are the most used buzzwords heard in my office in October 2013. It’s the usual suspects with a few surprises now that we’re finishing the third quarter.

  1. Sync
  2. Value-Add
  3. Touch Base
  4.  Value Prop
  5. Tee-up
  6. Take-aways
  7. Socialize
  8. Quarterly Business Review (QBR)
  9. Year-end Review
  10. Game Changer


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