New Buzzwords Additions – 01/27/14

Check out these new additions to the corporate buzzword glossary!


1. Ask (the Ask) – a term used to refer to the details of a request.

 “I know we’ve begun to execute against the project goals but we need to keep THE ASK in mind to ensure we are addressing that.”

2. Care for (Cared for) – to address or accomplish a predefined initiative or objective.

“Have we CARED FOR Doug’s updated project requirements or is that still outstanding?”

3. Four-blocker – usually a one-page summary document that is sectioned off to create four quadrants. Four-blockers are commonly used to provide a high-level summary addressed in four different aspects.

“We created a FOUR-BLOCKER that outlines all of the work we’ve done to date. The customers’ responses are in the upper-left portion of the document.”

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