Warm-transfer – (1.) or warm hand-off is when two parties come to a mutual understanding about a situation prior to transitioning the phone call over to another party. This form of warm-transfer is very prevalent in call center environments.

“Now that I understand your situation, let me WARM-TRANSFER you over to someone in the billing department who can better assist you.”

(2.) To transition something as a pilot in order to test it out.

“We’re going to do a few WARM-TRANSFERS” with some smaller accounts before we begin to transition the larger accounts.”

3/4/14 – Special Thanks to “Stan” for the input on the definition for WARM-TRANSFER – Steele

2 comments on “Warm-transfer

  1. Stan says:

    Warm transfer or warm hand-off means to transition something over the phone with acknowledgement, so that the issue is now in their hands and they are aware of it.

    • Steele A. Champion says:

      Good point Stan. After we originally added this buzzword, I’ve gotten my hands in some call center consulting and began to understand what “warm-transfer” means in that context. You’re dead on and we’ll update this definition to include that version of “warm-transfer” as well. Thanks sir and continue to stop by.

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