Triangulate – to include three parties into a process or interaction. “You’re talking to the contact and he’s talking to the contact so why don’t we TRIANGULATE our interaction.” (Probably the funniest add in a while)

2 comments on “Triangulate

  1. Derek says:

    I’ve also heard “triangulate” as a way to locate a problem that exists in a process, a rub off of GPS satellites, I presume.
    “I don’t believe this is human error. We’ll need to triangulate the process to see where the systemic issue may be occurring.”

  2. Steele A. Champion says:

    Derek, you’re 100% right. Since this was added to the site, I’ve heard Triangulate used in that context multiple times. I’ll request the team to add that additional definition of it to the current glossary. Thanks for your input!

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