Temp(s) – Short for a worker(s) that is employed on a temporary basis.

“We may need to hire some TEMPS to help us enter in the data until the end of Q1″

Steele Says: “this term can be used in a derogatory fashion to describe low-wage, lower ranking or lower skilled workers. We abhor the use of this buzzword in this fashion.”

One comment on “Temp(s)

  1. […] Temp Short for temporary, temp is another derogatory business buzzword that needs to cease to exist. On the surface, this buzzword does not seem to be offensive in anyway. I mean, the worker in reference may indeed be a temporary worker whose employment is defined by a finite end date. However, what I’ve noticed more often than not, is that permanent employees do not even take the time to learn the temporary worker’s name. They simply, and rudely, refer to them as “one of the temps.” […]

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