Sand bag

Sand bag – To hold back the true value of something in order to be responsible for lower expectations. This word is primarily used in the sales side of the business. “Danny blew his sales goals away by 85%, he had to be SAND BAGGING.” Additional Information: During the annual budget planning process, sales people will be asked what they believe their sales growth potential is for the upcoming year. They can be dishonest and reveal a number that is lower than what they know their real sales growth potential is in order to ensure that they’ll surpass their budgeted number for the upcoming year. Example: I am a sales professional and I know that I have a strong possibility to increase my sales by two million for the upcoming year based on a conversation I’ve had with a few potential clients who virtually promised me that they’ll agree to do business with me in the upcoming months. Instead of telling my manager that I believe that I can bring in two million, I tell him that I believe I can bring in only one million. The manager then gives me a growth target of one and half million which virtually assures me that I’ll surpass that number.

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