Inner-city (areas and individuals) – a code word for low-income areas and/or culturally diverse individuals.

Bosses that work at large corporations want to ensure that they are politically correct at all times…you know to avoid lawsuits and bad press. Thus they create or morph the meaning of words like INNER-CITY to fit comfortably into their politically correct world. So instead of INNER-CITY referring to an area within or near a city-center, it now means low-income areas and the individuals that live in them.

[The sentence below is an actual sentence I heard being said in an office I once worked in]

“John, I know you’re new to our mentoring program so please be careful not to say anything that could be offensive because most of the students in the program are INNER-CITY.”

(Translation: “John, don’t say anything that will get us sued because most of the kids in our mentoring program are Black and Hispanic.”)



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