The mission of talkliketheboss.com is two-fold:

#1: Demystify every single widely used corporate buzzword out there…period:

Because not everyone knows what KPI, SBR, QBR, BIP, EOD, BI, ETA, WAR, SBF, CFG and CTQ mean? And if the already perfect word “communication” wasn’t enough, bird-brain bosses had to create alternatives such as touch base, reach out, propagate, circle around, circle back, ping, plug, socialize, cascade and the worst of them all, cross-pollinate (as if we are honeybees). Those and a few hundred more business buzzwords are used throughout offices everyday taking uninformed workers by storm. We want to change that by providing the meaning for all of these corporate buzzwords.

#2: Enhancing the lives of corporate workers by equipping them with the most honest and helpful information we have:

We’re not going shy away from the fact that we strive to change the current corporate culture – from the bottom up. On talkliketheboss.com, you’ll frequently see content that challenges the status quo of corporate culture. So buckle-up because we’ll dare you to think differently about the things you have accepted as the norm of corporate culture.

We cannot promise you the moon. But we can promise you that this will be an interesting journey so let’s have fun and grow smarter – together.

Ok, so who is behind this thing?

My name is Steele Alfonso Champion and I founded TalkLikeTheBoss.com out of a passion to help corporate workers understand the boss’ language and provide them with non-generic, experienced-based knowledge that will help them navigate the career jungle that is today’s professional environment.

The Champion’s Favorite Things:

  1. Family and friends
  2. Teaching
  3. Learning
  4. Gourmet Pizza (there is such a thing)
  5. Star Wars (who doesn’t love a good Lightsaber battle?)
  6. Hot tea
  7. Cape Town, South Africa
  8. Quirky people (yes I’m one of them)
  9. Start-up culture
  10. My Macbook Pro

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